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Is your car A/C not blowing cold air?  We know this can make every warm-weather trip a complete disaster.

​In winter, this can be somewhat forgivable and you can still go from point A to point B without breaking much sweat. But, during summer? Forget it

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A car’s air conditioning system regulates the climate inside the cabin so every occupant feels comfortable throughout the trip. As with any system with mechanical parts, the car A/C can get damaged or malfunction just when you need cold air for a comfy trip.

What are the possible reasons for a car A/C system bogging down unexpectedly?

Common Causes of A/C Malfunction

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Your refrigerant is low. 

The refrigerant that was originally put inside your car won’t last forever. It may be that the refrigerant stops performing adequately or that a leak has developed and you will gradually lose your refrigerant, but either option will cause a problem with the A/C system. 

Whichever of the two is the cause of your car A/C not blowing cold air anymore, “recharging” the refrigerant is the best remedy that you have.

The condenser needs cleaning. 

There are instances when small debris gets lodged in the condenser and blocks the cooling fins. This causes the fins to have problems and contributes to the A/C system’s failure to blow cold air.  A routine cleanup of the condenser fins will do the trick.

Problem with the clutch cycling switch. 

The clutch cycling switch works with the air compressor’s electromagnetic clutch to pressurize the refrigerant and make your car’s A/C system function. If there’s a problem with the switch, this process won’t get triggered and you’ll have a dysfunctional car A/C. 

Taking your car to a trusted mechanic for a routine check goes a long way in determining if you have a broken clutch cycling switch and having it repaired accordingly.

Defective fan motor. 

Your engine has a fan (or two) most likely located in front of the engine, which helps cool it down and prevent overheating. 

While your car’s engine and A/C system may seem disconnected, they actually aren’t. This is why a defective engine fan motor could eventually cause you’re A/C to bog down and stop blowing cold air.

Problem with the A/C compressor. 

Your car’s A/C compressor is perhaps the single, most important component of the cooling system. Its job is to compress the Freon or refrigerant and cause it to expand and become cold enough to make cabin temperature comfortable. 

As hinted in prior entries, the A/C system can be problematic if there are triggering causes elsewhere – like an overheating engine, low Freon, or problem with electricals.

The blend air door is jammed. 

The blend air door is responsible for closing off warm air entering your car and allowing cold air to pass through. If this critical component gets stuck, you really won’t have cold air inside the car no matter what you do. Only by having it fixed by a car mechanic can you address this particular problem.

Problem with the A/C orifice tube or expansion valve. 

Your car can have either an orifice tube or an expansion valve depending on its model. These components are designed to regulate or filter the refrigerant flow in your A/C system and ensure cold air will come out of it whenever needed. 

However, if there’s something wrong with it – such as contamination – it could lead to A/C malfunction. You should have your A/C system checked if you’ve noticed cold air stops blowing or if the flow of cold air suddenly becomes unpredictable.

The A/C accumulator or drier is not functioning properly. 

Your car may have a drier or an accumulator depending on its specific model. The A/C accumulator or drier helps absorb moisture that could damage the A/C system and cause it to malfunction. 

The drier or accumulator has a desiccant material that helps collect moisture; if it gets saturated, the material could enter the A/C system and cause problems. If such a thing occurs, you could have a problem that’s all too familiar with many vehicle owners – a car A/C not blowing cold air.

Are A/C Problems Avoidable?

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Nobody deserves uncomfortable trips due to a car A/C not blowing cold air. Especially not if you’re traveling with your family or best pals during summer.

If it’s any consolation, a car’s A/C system doesn’t magically turn bad – it malfunctions because an internal component or an adjacent system’s part breaks.

Mechanical failure can be abrupt, but it is rather uncommon.  Most of the time, a car’s mechanical component slowly breaks down bit by bit over time.

With this, there’s ample time for the car owner to have the vehicle checked by a trusted mechanic and undergo routine maintenance. This is critical in determining which parts are damaged or in danger or failing if further neglected.

So, the answer to the question of whether A/C problems are avoidable is a big yes. With regular maintenance and repairs, a car’s A/C system should run flawlessly. However, as some car owners have busy schedules or lack spare funds to pay for such services, problems with the A/C system and other car components do happen.


Call a Trusted Car Repair Company for Your A/C Problems Today

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