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Do You Believe These Common Sports Car Myths

​All car lovers and even those who are not car crazy still love to read and talk about sports cars, but, did you know that there are many common sports car myths mistaken as facts.

​Some of them are promoted by opinions, media pressure, and marketing purposes, and others just were derived from someone’s joke that soon somehow became “fact.” Here are some of the most common sports car myths that we’d like to debunk. The question is, how many of these do you believe?

Sports cars are exclusive to famous brands

Though there are prominent names in the sports car market, creating sports cars is not exclusive to these huge car companies. Their prominence does not define a sports car. It should be about a car’s capacity to compete and win the sport.

It is a mistake to identify sports cars solely on brands. They may be famous through a long history of championships, but the process of creating sports cars is for everyone.

Only professional drivers can drive sports cars.

As much as creation of sports cars is not exclusive to popular brands, driving them is not exclusive to professional racers. Elite cars are not just for professional racing. As long as you can drive, buy, and properly maintain one, you have all the right to own a sports car.

Just like getting to know a newly bought car, getting along with a sports car is the same experience. You can always learn more from a driving skill and be confident in driving a supercar.

Sports cars waste a lot of fuel.

Myths about fuel inefficiency of sports cars is so common that it sounds true. However, even a parked truck fuel consumption is comparable to that of a sports car running on a highway or in a city.

Some people might be thinking that super cars require more fuel than the average vehicle since they are a lot more powerful. On the contrary, the capacity of a sports car is not just to power up, but to efficiently use its power source. Power is not always equal to burning of fuel.

Sports cars are loud compared to typical cars.

This belief might have originated and be perpetuated by big screen portrayals of sports cars making screeching and shifting sounds in the middle of an intense race.

However, not all that we see in movies is real. Only amateur driers would actually make sports cars create such sounds. Part of the efficiency of a sports car is to perform powerfully yet flawlessly. That is why it can prevent slides even around sharp corners and their transmissions are not abused.

Even dirt driving using sports cars will not have such sounds. It’s only noise is its horsepower.

Sports cars usually explode upon collision. This myth is another movie takeaway. No, sports cars are not made to explode when they crash. Sports car design includes foresight of such incidents, so you can expect that its features include prevention of such happening.

In fact, fuel tanks can keep gas from vaporizing, so they will not ignite at the slightest spark. The fumes, not the fuel, are flammable, so keeping them intact during a crash can easily prevent fire. In a situation where fuel is spilled during a collision, the fuel could easily catch fire, but never explode.

Sports cars are too expensive.

The same as how the big brands became the stereotype of sports cars, the price has become a source of identification, too. This made the impression that sports cars only come in a price that is beyond the buying capacity of many.

However, $30,000 can already give you the dream ride you want. Building a sports car is not a money-down deal. You can gradually spend an additional amount to improve its features if you want, but there is no question that you can own one.

Speed is about getting hood scoops and a rear wing. Speaking of features that you can gradually invest in, some sports car afficionados believe that hood scoops and a rear wing can drastically improve a sports car’s speed.

Instead of believing such myths, understand that these features are part of body styling among sports cars. The rear wing and hood scoops are designs specifically made for airflow control and intake, handling, and efficiency, not speed.

Despite the massive rear wing you attach to your sports car, speed is still dependent on the power of a car and the skills of the driver.

Driving sports cars is dangerous.

For someone who doesn’t know how to drive, it would really be dangerous to drive a powerful sports car.

However, if you have good driving skills, and you are confident in how to keep a car running on an open road, this is enough to be in control of a sports car’s steering wheel.

This myth sums up the stereotypical exclusivity of sports cars to professional drivers and the hazard that goes with collision and fire. The truth is that with proper driving skills, sports cars are as safe as any other car you have driven before.

These are just some of the most common sports car myths that are believed to be facts by those who “believe everything they read.”

Since we have debunked many myths about sports cars, here are some actual sports car facts to add to the list in replacement.

Sports cars are just often given stereotypes that benefit marketing campaigns, but they are not necessarily true.

Sports cars have evolved through the years, and the success of these powerful cars in their early versions also struggled to become part of the market.

No matter how customized a sports car is, most engines are placed in the same spot when built.

As the need for environmental initiatives rose to popularity, improvement of sports cars using electricity and clean fuel became the industry’s contribution to climate action, making some engines pro-environment.

Safety has always been part of a sports car design. Thus, the power of its engine is always matched by the security the car provides.

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