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Unfortunately, maing a list of the 5 car parts most likely to fail is not a hard task. Driving provides convenience and responsibility at the same time. For your car to provide the transportation service that you need, you need to keep it well-maintained.

Taking care of your vehicle is not just a responsibility for your car’s sake. It is also a way to keep your driving experience safe and secure, avoiding instances of your vehicle leaving you stranded.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 car parts most likely to fail and leave you stranded.

Car Parts Most Likely To Fail #1 – The Locks and Gas

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Our number one on the list is perhaps more user error than a failing car part, but we think it’s important to mention nonetheless. It’s the locks and gas. 

Getting locked out of your car or running out of gas is particularly annoying due to its being so avoidable and the frequency with which it happens. 

To avoid getting locked out, leave a spare set of keys somewhere accessible on the outside of your vehicle or opt for a car with a key-in entry system. Or, if ou always lock your car with your ket once outside the vehicle, then you should avoid lockout, unless you lose your key.

Make a habit of checking your gas guage before leaving or before a trip outside the city. Either fill up the day before or leave time for a trip to the gas station before heading out.

We know these two tips are common sense, and everyone should know them alady, but a good reminder is aways with it.

Car Parts Most Likely To Fail #2 – The Battery

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Car batteries can “die” two ways. The first is by draining the charge from the battery. Luckily, jumping the battery after a drain can usually get you going again. The second is by reaching the end of the battery’s life. 

The typical lifespan of a battery ranges from three to five years under normal use. Extreme weather conditions while driving can reduce that life span. If you’re suffering from a truly dead battery, the only way out is through replacement.

One of the most common causes of a battery drain is leaving your lights on overnight. Another classic reason is exposure to corrosion and dirty cables. Prolonged cranking upon starting your car can also result in a battery drain. 

These activities also reduce the overall lifespan of the battery. Upon reaching its third year, your battery should have regular checks from your trusted mechanic to help you avoid an unpleasant situation. 

Some obvious signs that indicate a possible battery failure are dim interior lights and headlights and slow power windows.

Another thing to be aware of is that leaving your car sitting for long periods of time, weeks at a time, without driving can also drain the battery.  We often forget this, and left too long your battery could end up useless.


Car Parts Most Likely To Fail #3 – The Engine

I know thinking about engine failure causes shudderiig in most of us. Engine failure can stem from various problems.  The engine can overheat due to a hose leaking coolant. It can have a problem in transmission levels, belts, hoses, or fluids. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

A clear sign of an engine problem is a decrease in gas mileage. You can monitor this every month and note any sudden drop in mileage. This is an indicator of an engine problem that needs immediate fixing. 

The safest approach is, of course, to have your car regularly checked by your trusted car mechanic. He/sha can help watch for warning signs, and in the case of a specific problem, can pinpoint the issue causing the engine failure. 

Failure to properly maintain your vehicle results in a higher chance of engine failure. Delay in your engine oil change is one of the most common reasons behind engine failure. If your oil change date accidentally slipped your mind, we recommend getting in for a change ASAP.  After all, avoiding a simple oil change isn’t really worth a full break down, is it?

Cars are becoming smarter and smarter. Modern designs not only tell you when your car has an issue, some even tell you what the issue is!  Whatever the cause, it’s best to get your vehicle into a mechanic as quickly as possible after the check engine light appears.

Car Parts Most Likely To Fail #4 – The Transmission

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As previously mentioned, engine failure could be due to a transmission problem. Through innovation and modification, transmission problems have evolved from easily identified slipping transmission to more complicated cases like engine control software problems. 

The modernization of cars, especially the computerized ones, made the typical transmission problem of earlier generations of cars into a problem that deals with sensors and software.

Despite these changes in the vehicle makeup, any slipping or jerking feeling upon putting the automatic transmission into gear needs thorough checking. Checking the transmission should also be part of scheduled maintenance services that your trusted mechanic religiously performs. 

Also, let the professionals check all fluids during your visit to the shop. Just like the engine oil change, transmission service is one of the commonly delayed maintenance services that have some pretty costly consequences when neglected.

Take note that thirty to sixty thousand miles are the recommended mileage interval range for transmission service. Always check the mileage and schedule maintenance service especially for regular oil and filter replacement. 

If you use your vehicle for heavy towing and in extremely hot temperatures, you should get your transmission checked more often due to the fast deterioration of transmission fluid, increased wear on components, and less lubrication.


Car Parts Most Likely To Fail #5 – The Tires

Car Parts Most Likely To Fail Flat Tire, car parts most likely to fail, most common car problems, common car breakdown causes, most problematic car parts

The tires are the last on our list of car parts most likely to fail. Flat tires or blowouts are often due to a lack of inspection of whether the tires are in good condition before driving. 

Regardless if it’s a tire defect, road hazards, or lack of maintenance, flat tires could result in accidents. Having too short of thread is asking for trouble. 

Less thread means less friction resulting in a car that doesn’t respond as efficiently as it should. So in the case of a flat tire due to unavoidable circumstances, well-kept tires will give you a better chance of safely getting your vehicle to the side of the road.

Before driving, check if you have at least 1/8-inch tread left. If less, replace your tires right away. If your tires are not worn out, you should also check if they meet the recommended amount of air pressure. 

The best time to check the air pressure is when the tires are cold. Underinflated tires cause overheats, so conducting a monthly check of air pressure can provide accuracy that can boost your car’s gas mileage.

It’s also good to check for bulges or cracks on the tire sidewalls. Efficiency and safety are covered when your air pressure is checked before you begin your long drive. Recommended air pressure is not only for the tires in place. Never forget your spare tire. It should also meet the recommended air pressure and make sure that it is in good condition. 

Although we hope it doesn’t happen, it’s best you make sure you have emergency equipment and a jack in your vehicle before heading out as well. 

Still Have Questions? We Can Help

Knowing these 5 car parts most likely to fail will hopefully help you avoid an accidental stranding. Always properly check that your vehicle’s parts are in good shape before setting out on any trip, but especially one outside of the city.  

It is also good to have a solid backup plan in place for those unfortunate situations. Safe and secured travel can only be ensured by a well-maintained vehicle that requires consistent monitoring, repair, and maintenance from experts.

For expert and trusted car service in Murrieta, call American Auto Care/Automotive Service and Repair of Murrieta. We can help you avoid getting inconveniently stranded by providing quality regular checkups. 

For more information or to book an appointment, call us at (951) 461-2507 now!

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