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Does your car seem louder than it used to be?  Of does it seem to kind of clunk when you drive it?  This could be a symptom of a muffler problem. Early repair of muffler problems can save you big dollar repairs later on.  

Your muffler is located towards the back of your car and does two things.  The mufflers main purpose is to reduce the noise of your car that it caused by the exhaust process. A car trip can become noisy and uncomfortable with a faulty muffler. Even a short and simple drive can become an ordeal.   The other important function of the muffler is to safely direct the exhaust out of the cars system. A hole in your muffler can allow the exhaust to enter the passenger compartment of your car,and the carbon monoxide you breathe in can cause headaches, dizziness and even nausea, or worse. Prolonged exposure to the gas can lead to unconsciousness and poisoning.

Aside from the health hazard that a defective exhaust system poses, know too, that you may have to pay fines and other penalties. Many cities, HOA’s and apartment complexes, as well as establishments like restaurants have regulations regarding loud noise due to defective mufflers. You face the risk of having to pay huge fines or you being refused services because of this. The noise that a defective exhaust system creates is annoying and distracting for other motorist as well. More than this, it may attract law enforcement officers. And you may find yourself slapped with a costly noise violation.

Additionally, a faulty exhaust system also affects the fuel of efficiency of your vehicle. When the exhaust leaks, the engine will try to compensate and this makes it work harder. And when your engine works harder, this translates to more fuel consumption. If you notice that you are getting less miles per gallon, it could be your muffler that is causing the problem.

So, it’s always a good idea to have your muffler and exhaust system checked, which we at American Auto Care do free of charge every time you bring the car in.  And, if you suspect a muffler problem, definitely bring your car in and let us check it out. It is always better to repair a muffler and or exhaust system problem sooner rather than later.  Delaying the repair can not only increase the cost of the repair, but continuing to drive with an exhaust leak or bad catalytic converter can damage other things in your vehicle.

Mufflers and exhaust systems are typically made of low-quality steel and are susceptible to rust and corrosion. The corrosion slowly eats away at the exhaust and eventually causes a hole or multiple holes to develop in the exhaust, which causes the exhaust system to become very loud and obnoxious.

There are 3 common clues that you might have a muffler problem:


Unusual noises, like an increase in loudness might be a symptom that you should have your muffler checked. A low booming sound in particular is suspicious as are rattling sounds.

Vehicle Performance:

A rough idle might indicate a problem muffler. Also excessive pollution (exhaust) and clouds of smoke coming from the tail pipe can signal muffler problems. And if you notice decreased fuel economy, less miles per gallon, it is probably a good idea to have your muffler checked out as well.

Look At The Muffler.  

If it is covered in soot or rust, this is a prime indicator that you need to replace your muffler. Also, if you spot any holes, this can be a danger to you as a driver, so certainly, have tour car muffler checked out.

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